Specialized .WAV looping

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Morphed Chaos
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Specialized .WAV looping

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Is there a way to have a .WAV file play its introduction music, then at the chorus, loops infinitely once the chorus ends? (As in, the chorus starts, then finishes, then loops back to the beginning of the chorus.). Usually how music is played in new age video games. Any way of doing this? I can convert to other file types if this file type will not work.

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Re: Specialized .WAV looping

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Looping information cannot be stored in most audio formats and most playback programs don't support looping anyway. I do not know of any way to create a Wave file that will loop the way you described.

GoldWave can be configured to play a loop (press F11, Play tab, "Intro/Loop/End" and "Loop" settings).


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You would need to do what youre looking for in a sequencer of some kind....something where it samples the wav file you have, and then the seq software controls the loop properties.

piano nick
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I believe that looping is commonly done in software that is called a "sampler", such as Halion, Kontakt, Emulator X, etc.


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