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Post by debbieyoung »

I can't record in stereo.

any advice?

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Post by DougDbug »

What are you recording from? How are you connected? Are you hearing stereo from the PC's speakers?

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hello bug and thanks

Post by debbieyoung »

I'm recording through a Lexicon interface, using an ElectroVoice RE20 mic.


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Post by swerve13drums »

try using a splitter to send the mic signal to both channel 1 and channel 2.
Radio shack will have a splitter for about 5 bucks. Set your gains and inputs and whatever other controls are on the interface at the same level.

or, after you've recorded your mono sound, go to effect/stereo/channel mixer and send the one signal to the opposite side of the stereo field. It'll take you a minute to identify exactly how to use the channel mixing tool to achieve this, but once you get it right, just save the parameters as a preset that you can use over and over.

I'll bet there's even better/more ways to address this, but these'll work to make your input sound and appear to be in stereo.

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Post by donrandall »

The EV mic (the RE20) is not a stereo mic.

I use an Audio Technica AT4040 which is also not a stereo mic, but as long as I have opened a stereo sound window in which to record, I do get a stereo track. I can't imagine that your results would be different unless you have not chosen to open a stereo sound window. From the toolbar click "New" then where it says "Number Of Channels" you must select "2 (Stereo)".

Don't forget to also go to the toolbar and click on "Options" and then from the drop down, click on "File Formats". Click the tab labeled "Default Save Format" and use the drop down windows to select whatever is appropriate. If you have something else selected here, you may not end up with the stereo file you thought you would have. You could also end up with some other interesting but unwanted surprises as well if you haven't selected the right things.

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