Why two forums?

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Why two forums?

Post by delpino »

Hi all,

just wonder whats the point two split the Goldwave forum into "GoldWave Support" and "GoldWave General". Just more work to browse 2 categories. Just a thought, what do you think?

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Post by DewDude420 »

well, it's actually good organization. it allows a separation between generic questions related to goldwave..or as late, generic audio related banter..where as the support forum is for people who need technical support doing stuff...and in the land of the internet....people often ask "how to" questions in the support rather than general...which is where i personally feel they should go...although i'm probably guilty of doing that.

however, if the system ideally worked..it'd allow chris to quickly jump to the people who need technical support getting the program to run rather than fielding how-to questions all day.

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Post by kekelka »

very interesting.
smart sistem :D

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