"What U Hear" option missing

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"What U Hear" option missing

Post by saeed »

Hello --

I have been using Goldwave 5.08 for a while, and have recently installed GoldWave 5.25 on a new machine. On the new machine, on the Volume Tab of the Control Properties dialog, the "What U Hear" slider is not there.

Any idea why this might be missing?

Here's some more info:

Both machines are running Windows XP.

On the old machine, the sound card is listed as "SB Audigy Audio [DCC0]". The sliders on the Volume tab are midi synth, ‘what u hear’, cd digital, analog mix, microphone, and wave/mp3.

On the new machine, the sound card is "Realtek AC97 Audio". The sliders here are Mono Mix, Stereo Mix, SPDIF, Aux, CD Player, Line In, Microphone, and Phone Line. I tried re-installing the drivers for the sound card, per this post:

viewtopic.php?t=2719&sid=cdc3892705a50a ... 0e91d0a4b1

but that didn't help.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Post by DougDbug »

Sometimes the soundcard/soundchip simply does not support this. (Some don't have the required internal connections.) You'll probably have to use an external loop-back cable. There is more information in the GoldWave FAQ.

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Post by DewDude420 »

If it was Vista I'd give you the usual speech...but it's not, so I can skip that.

It's likely the card doesn't support it or the drivers might not have it.

Prime example is my (dying, thanks Acer) laptop. In Vista I activated the stereo mix, but in Win7, it's missing. The Microsoft provided drivers don't have this option in it.

I'd suggest upgrading drivers from someplace else than windows update. If it's still missing than there's a good chance your card lacks that ability.

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Post by donrandall »

On the new machine, the sound card is "Realtek AC97 Audio". The sliders here are Mono Mix, Stereo Mix, SPDIF, Aux, CD Player, Line In, Microphone, and Phone Line.
I don't know for sure about yours, but many of the onboard soundcards will let you playback and record at the same time. That is what you are wanting to do, right?

I am no longer using the onboard soundcard and it is a bit of a nuisance to change everything around just to go back and see exactly what I had to do in the past, so be aware that I am trying to give you the best I can remember from a year or so ago:

Bring up the Control Properties Window and click on the Device tab and make sure everything there is neato keano. Click OK.

Now, click on the Volume tab. If I remember right, the option you will need to select is Line In. Be prepared to try others if this one doesn't work.

Make sure the volume slider is adjusted high enough to let something come through. It would be very easy to select the right input but forget to move the slider.

It seems as though you might also have to open the Windows mixer and make sure everything is properly set up there too.

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Post by DewDude420 »

don, with XP if the Stereo Mix/What U Hear option exists, it'll show up in GW's volume tab and in the mixer. he's stating he doesn't see it at all. so it's either a driver issue or the hardware lacks it.

from what i can tell, there's a lot of push in the industry to remove the "what u hear" option from sound cards because of using it to get around DRM restrictions...if the enitre HDMI and hd disc formats is an indicator....we'll lose what-u-hear options from hardware in the future.

(the HDMI stuff...well..I bought my HDTV back in 2005...before HDMI was made offical and seemd more like a "convience", but then some genius decided the analog hole was going to cause piracy...so the component video outputs on blu-ray is severely downgraded..and unless you have HDMI, you pretty much can't get HD on anything except cable/satellite and OTA reception..and I hear there's push for cable/satellite companies to abandon component output. as someone who bought an HDTV only to have it completely made obsolete for HD content, I'm quite angry at the industry and boycotted BOTH formats. in fact, I was "given" a Blu-Ray player (ok, won it at a raffle...boring event)....i promptly looked at the guy next to me...who i didn't know and was like "here, take this". that's right, you can't even give me a blu-ray player.)

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Re: "What U Hear" option missing

Post by GoldWave Inc. »

Selecting "Stereo Mix" source on the "Realtek AC97 Audio" card should be the same as selecting "What U Hear" on the "SB Audigy Audio [DCC0]" card. It may be called "Wave Out" too.

Using a loop back cable also works if the computer has a line input.


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loopback adapter cord.

Post by The Great Watbol! »

Yeah, I use the loopback option.
I bought the connector from radio shack,
part#42-2496 $6.29 - 12/08.

Just plug the two into the soundcard, one in line-out/speaker-out,
the other in line-in and the third connector you can put whatever
you had in the line out (amp, speakers, etc.) back into it.
Then you just go to sound properties and adjust the record's line-in
setting to suit your needs.
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Post by DewDude420 »

One should be careful for the playback volumes when using a loop-back cable (or mini-TRS to mini-TRS as i call them) becuase if you have your line-in playback volume up, and loop the output, you'll just get some nasty feedback that while you're not hearing it, can (theorically) cause damage to the audio stages on your sound card.

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Post by vivona »

It is true that many computers come with "What You Hear", or "Wave Out" or "Stereo Mix" or whatever the particular soundcard calls it, not enabled. There were major customer complaints in the Dell user forum about this and Dell finally did release drivers to put the Stereo Mix feature back in. The elimination of Stereo Mix is done to prevent re-recording digital music as it is played. For instance, you can play entire songs from Rhapsody.com for free and while they are playing you can record them as wave files. This method of getting around DRM is called "the analogue hole".

You might search registry for the words "StereoMix" and see in you find a string called EnableStereoMix or something similar. If you find the value as "0" (false), try changing it to "1" (true) and reboot and see if you get StereoMix. Also, search the forums for you particular computer's manufacturer. No doubt, people will be complaining about the missing feature, as they did at Dell, and a fix may be available.

Another option is to install software that will record whateve the computer is playing, even without the stereo mix feature. One such program is Total Recorder, see http://www.totalrecorder.com/. There may be freeware that will do the same thing.

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