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Re: Batch improvement

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thanks alot for your share

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Re: Batch improvement

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Yeah, thanks for your fancy link too. What a waste of time. For your information, such a post is totally useless. I know better than to click on that kind of junk. Can somebody take out that link too?

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Re: Batch improvement

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This has been a problem for a while.

This new breed of spammers are making posts look 5% relevant with a link in the bottom.

Chris is the only one with authority on the forum to remove the link, and he does every few days when he gets on. The best thing to do is learn to identify these spammers and just ignore the messages. Generally they've got just one post, it's short, repeats what was said and has a link in signature.

I don't know what the registaration form is like anymore. I don't know if it's got a catchpa or verification requirement...but one of those could probably reduce the number unless they're actual humans doing it...which is unlikely, it's probably scripts.

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Re: Batch improvement

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Watbol again... I hate to be a Dic', but if all you want to do is convert m4a to mp3, X-Recode will do it. It's free, and supports opening: mp3, wma, ogg, flac, ape, ac3, wv, mpc, cue, tta, cda, wav, dts, mpa, mpb, mp4, ra, rm, aac, avi, mpg, vob, mkv, swf, flv, and mov.
Some of these formats I have never heard of, but it can do them. Many settings for each format. Although it can read all of them, I think it can only write:
mp3, wma, ogg, ape, flac, WavPack (.wv), aac, alac, wav, m4a and multi - (If you need a song in more than one format simultaneously.)
As these formats are in the opening screen... and selectable.
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