Should include linear freq scale in...

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Should include linear freq scale in...

Post by Videogamer555 »

... the Spectrum Filter module as a check-box option. A linear amplitude scale should also be included in that module as a check-box option. Yes the dB numbers are linear, but they represent logarithms of multiples of sound-pressure. There are a number of applications that have less to do with the aesthetics of music, and more to do with scientific analysis and processing of audio data (think animal calls, envionmental sounds, radio astronomy, etc), where linear scales are MORE DESIRABLE than logarithmic scales.

As for the frequency scaler (called Pitch in your software), I see you already have a linear option. That's good, but it's limited to between 50% (a frequency multiplier of 0.5) and 200% (a frequency multiplier of 2). It should go down at least as low as 10% and up at least as high as 1000%.

Yes, probably other software out there can do this, but as the primary customers would be science labs (which tend to have big budgets) the software tends to be RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED when it is intended primarily as "scientific" software. However your software is much cheaper, but it has just as much potential as the much more expensive software, if only you the developers tapped that potential by implementing the features I'm recommended in the above 2 paragraphs.

And since these are features that should have always been available (including the in the Windows XP 32bit version) I'm recommending that the next release version of this software implement these features, and be available for Window XP 32bit (even though you said the next version would probably be for Windows 7 64bit). After that, any future releases could be for whatever OS you wanted. But please don't deprive Windows XP 32bit users (A LOT OF PEOPLE still use this OS) of the features I recommended, that as I said I believe should have existed in this software from the very beginning.
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Re: Should include linear freq scale in...

Post by Moonmist »

I second this request, I have always wanted that feature in the spectrum filter and noise reduction effect!

I also wish there was an option to choose how the points get inserted when you click the button to add a new point. Right now it just adds it at the half-way point linearly between the point you are on and the next point (so if point A (the one you are on) is at 100 hz and the next point is 200 hz it will create the new point at 150 hz). Sometimes I'd like it to do it logarithmically (so creating it at sqrt(A*B) or 141.42~ hz in the previous example). And then it would be nice to have the same option on how it inserts it on the amplitude axis as well. Right now if point A is -20db (0.1 linear) and point B is -40db (0.01 linear) it would insert the new point at -30db (0.0316~ linear). But it would be nice if I could choose to have it do it linearly (so the new point would get inserted at (0.1+0.01)/2 = 0.055 (linear) or -25.193~db (logarithmic)).

If I had those options for where the new points got inserted... that would greatly increase the preciseness and speed at which I could create my own filters in the spectrum filter, and envelopes in the noise reduction effect!

But just having the ability to choose whether to display the FFT graph using the logarithmic or linear scale, like Videogamer555 describes, I agree, should be in GoldWave for sure!
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Re: Should include linear freq scale in...

Post by GoldWave Inc. »

I'll look into that for future versions.

With limited development resources, supporting Windows XP in the future just isn't feasible. It has a market share of less than 20% (and falling) and even Microsoft is dropping support next year.

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