autobooks to mp3

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autobooks to mp3

Post by george1 »

I have downloaded your free copy of goldwave for the sole purpose of converting audible books to play on my mp3 player. After trying to do for one full day I have not had any success. Can anyone give me a step by step advice for a novice and not as if I'm a technologist. Thank you,
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Re: autobooks to mp3

Post by DougDbug »

What format are the audiobooks?
Are they copy-protected?
How far can you get? What's the problem?
I have downloaded your free copy of goldwave
Its a fully-functional free-trial. After the trial expires, it's $59 USD for a lifetime license with free upgrades.
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Re: autobooks to mp3

Post by mr.flot »

If they came on a CD then they'll probably be in CDA format.

Try clicking on the CDX icon or go to "Tool" on menu bar and click on "CD Reader".

Hope this helps.
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Re: autobooks to mp3

Post by RussellR »


I'm new to Goldwave.
Like the original poster I downloaded and installed GW - hoping that it might help me convert audiobook files purchased from (subsid of amazon, I think) into .MP3 format.
So I can shed a little light on this problem. I hope this thread is not dead.

Audible sells audiobook files in a protected proprietary .AA format which will only play using Audible's own software on the PC or on a limited list of players. This is very frustrating. One pays for something and than can't use it as one wants.
Audible's range of audiobooks is fantastic - but its protection policy is unreasonable and prehistoric.

I have managed to convert .AA to .MP3 using Audials-Tunebite - but this will only work if one has iTunes installed - and that is a monster I do not want on my system.

I read somewhere that GW solves this conversion problem - but I can't see how.

Does anyone out there use GW for this specific purpose ?
I would welcome some advice.

Best regards
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Re: autobooks to mp3

Post by Gord »

Hi Ray.

We are not allowed to discuss that type of conversion on this forum. To do so could potentially make GoldWave Inc. the target of legal action. For more information see the answer here.
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