Batch Processing - Dialogue Window Bug?

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Batch Processing - Dialogue Window Bug?

Post by thricipio »

I can't figure this out . . .

I've been trying to use the subject dialogue window and most of the time, under the Source and Process tabs, the function buttons (e.g., Add Effect, Add Chain, etc.) — that are supposed to be vertically aligned on the right side of the window — are missing. At one point, they reappeared, but I don't know why or how . . . or how to get them back. Seems like this is either a bug . . . or I'm missing something that's probably obvious to anyone who's familiar with this product. But I'm not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Well, here's a follow-up . . .

I uninstalled and re-installed 6.22. For the initial instance only, the dialogue window appeared with no missing buttons. Subsequent invocations did yield missing buttons. This was repeatable: i.e., uninstall/re-intall «» butttons appeared in only the first invocation of the dialogue box.

I uninstalled 6.22 and re-installed the most recent version I have: 6.13. The problem does not occur in v. 6.13. I'd like to find the intermediary versions to discover which is the latest one that would work properly.

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Re: Batch Processing - Dialogue Window Bug?

Post by Kilmatead »

This is (as usual with recent releases) an issue with using high DPI. If you lower your system DPI settings to %100 (default), the side-bars will be present. Naturally, lowering one's DPI defeats the purpose, so it's easier to use an earlier version instead (if the dev were kind enough to re-release it)... v6.21 was the last one that worked.

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Re: Batch Processing - Dialogue Window Bug?

Post by GoldWave Inc. »

Apparently there are still many problems with Embarcadero's high DPI support. At least some of the worst ones have been fixed in Berlin 10.1. I've made some changes in GoldWave to avoid most of the remaining problems. However if you are using a multi-monitor setup with different DPI settings, then other problems may occur. Maybe Embarcadero will fix those 6 months from now in their next update.

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