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Movable tabs

Post by McNevan »

Please add the ability to move tabs. I have to work with a large number of audio files, but the most important move in the beginning there is no possibility. I would be very glad to such a fine opportunity in my favorite editor.
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Re: Movable tabs

Post by NonWally »

I support the introduction of movable tabs.

As you edit files you need to push the old version aside and modify a new version. Moving the old version to the right of a new tab makes a lot of sense.

Also similar to Excel, "Duplicate a tab", where the entire contents (including cue points) of a tab is duplicated to a new tab.

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Re: Movable tabs

Post by GoldWave Inc. »

The latest update allows tabs to be reordered. To duplicate a tab, you could use Select All, Copy, and Paste New.

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