Parameter file missing

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Parameter file missing

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File history is available in a lot of places outside of Goldwave. One such source is Classic Shell.

Sometimes these files no longer exist in the recorded location, and when used as a parameter to Goldwave to run and open the file, Goldwave runs, but gives no indication it could not load the file :shock:. The user should be alerted via either a dialog box (when opening a non existent file via the File | Recent menu) or on the status line at the bottom. The former being the preferred, as it is more obvious. :D

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Re: Parameter file missing

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The indication is that the file isn't loaded, which is pretty obvious. :)

If you select a lost file from GoldWave's recent file list, then a dialog is displayed. If other programs pass lost files to GoldWave, then GoldWave ignores them (those programs should give the warning even before opening GoldWave).

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