Unable to record through sound card!

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Unable to record through sound card!

Post by scopio »

Windows 10 Home 1809
In the past I could record using the stereo mixer but that seems to be no longer available.
My sound card is a RealTek onboard with driver Microsoft 10.0.17763.1
How can I set up GoldWave to be able to record directly from the pc NOT through the speakers?

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Re: Unable to record through sound card!

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Sorry, that's confusing... Are you trying to record streaming audio? What you're hearing out of the soundcard?

Or, are you trying to record "normally" through the soundcard with a microphone or something analog plugged into line-in (if your computer has line-in)?

To record streaming audio in Win10 select WASAPI LOOPBACK as your recording device. See the GoldWave FAQ or consult the User manual/Help.

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