Possible error in bug report.

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Possible error in bug report.

Post by tdh10 »

A while back, I think I reported recording glitches after using Version 6 of GoldWave. I've since discovered similar recording glitches after using other audio programs, using the same recording settings and ADC interface.

Conclusion: I shouldn't have singled out GoldWave. Solution: Switch to external recorders.

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Re: Possible error in bug report.

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Conclusion: I shouldn't have singled out GoldWave. Solution: Switch to external recorders.
A stand-alone recorder is often a better choice, and of course you can still edit/mix on a computer. But, many people including pro studios (and myself) do record successfully on computers.

Computers are also the least reliable gadgets we own so if you are recording a critical one-time event where there's no chance of "take two" it's better to use a stand-alone recorder and possibly have a backup system recording in parallel. (A computer can be much more reliable if it's dedicated to audio and it doesn't get "messed-with" during the day.)

The problems like you were having are usually related to the multitasking operating system. The computer is always multitasking even if you're just running one application.... The audio data flows-in at a smooth-constant rate into a buffer (temporary memory) and when the operating system gets around to it, it writes the data to your hard drive in a quick burst. If some application/driver/process "hogs" the system for a few milliseconds too long, you get buffer overflow and a glitch.

It doesn't have to be using a lot of computer resources, it just has to hog the system for a bit too long. Reducing the number of running applications & background operations helps, a faster computer helps, increasing the buffer size often helps but this increases latency (delay) which can be a problem if you are monitoring yourself through the computer. (I don't know if you can increase the recording buffer size in GoldWave.)

There is also a playback/monitoring buffer that works the opposite way... Data is written to the playback buffer in quick-bursts and it flows-out at a smooth-constant rate. And, the danger here is buffer underflow id the buffer doesn't get re-filled in time.

This can get complicated and there is a 75-page online book called Glitch Free about optimizing your computer for audio.

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