Keybinding issue

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Keybinding issue

Post by Azirahael »

Not even sure how to phrase this for searching, but i can't find anything so far.

Situation: i rebind a function [start/pause recording] to [numberpad -]
Because it's on the corner of my keyboad, and doesn't click as much as the mouse.
Plus i can find it easier.

Problem: it registers as [-] not [num -]
So, after i bind it, and click the button, nothing happens, but if i press the key in the top middle of the keyboard just above [p] then it works.

I don't mind a duplicate, but it's ignoring the actual keybind.

Any solutions?

Data: Black widow chroma, on Win 10.

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Re: Keybinding issue

Post by GoldWave Inc. »

Setting a function to the "Num -" key seems to be working on my system. It does not register as "-". I need to press the numeric pad - for the function to activate.

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