German language with large toolbar icons

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German language with large toolbar icons

Post by Burkhard »

I updated to 6.51 and was pleased to find a german translation. There is one minor issue that let me switch back to English: The size of toolbar buttons with the setting "Large icons and captions" seems to use the longest word to control the icon width. As unfortunately the german word for "cut" is "ausschneiden" this leeds to a toolbar that is not able to show all icons any more. With English everything is fine.

I would suggest a setting "Max icon width". If part of the caption is not visible this would be ok for me.

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Re: German language with large toolbar icons

Post by Tristan »

Do you absolutely need every single icon on the default toolbar? I deactivate the icons I never use (more than half). That leaves plenty of room on the toolbar for the icons I use frequently.
I don't want to read the manual either, but it isn't my problem, is it?

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Re: German language with large toolbar icons

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You can use the Language editor in GoldWave to change the toolbar captions. You'd use Options | Language and choose the Edit button. Search for "EditCut" twice. It is under the "GWMainForm | ActionList | EditCut" branch. Expand the EditCut branch and choose the ToolCaption item, then change the text to something shorter.

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