VideoMeld 1.53 - Cannot open audio in file

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Re: VideoMeld 1.53 - Cannot open audio in file

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Unfortunately, that's not the case.

I did check which video-driver was installed, and though it was a rather old driver, updating it did not help and videomeld keeps displaying the message I stated earlier.
The problem with the audio resolves as well (I got that driver updated as well). The video is not a MOV, nor does it have MPEG-2 or AC3 audio.

Via ways outside of this website, I got hold of an evaluation copy of Videomeld V1.55. This version unfortunately has the same flaws.

While going back to V1.56 and having the program on a file that can be opened without the audio-warning, my brother had it open as well. Being more into software than me, he was trying to figure out where things go wrong as well.
When I came back, the program produced some error 'An invalid character has been found in the text-content' (literally translated, I don't know if this is the exact right error-message in english)

(1280x1024. 104 kb)

While changing a few things on my computer, rebooting, restarting Videomeld and getting back to my brother and eventually make it back down 20 minutes later, this was the error: A whole bunch of unexpected runtime-error's.

(1280x1024, 104 kb)

I'm not willing to give up just yet, but I'm tempted to try something else :oops:

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Re: VideoMeld 1.53 - Cannot open audio in file

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I'm testing WideoMeld 1.56.

I have the same problem with Win7Pro64, but no trouble with Win10Pro64 on the same PC.

As Win7 is my main OS, I've know to uninstall VideoMeld.

Bad luck, I thought it could be interesting for my needs...

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Re: VideoMeld 1.53 - Cannot open audio in file

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Try extracting the audio with Goldwave, and saving it as a .wav for use in Videomeld. I have to do this occasionally.

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Re: VideoMeld 1.53 - Cannot open audio in file

Post by Rendszerga »

We are already on version 1.62.
But it is unbelievable that this problem has been present in the program for four years and they are not able to solve it.

My camera stores it in a *.mov container.
But because of this BUG, I am unable to edit video directly because the audio cannot be opened.
And not even the FFMpeg download not solved the error. This is pure shame.
When will this lousy bug be fixed???

And I don’t think there would be a bug with any codec, because both Jet Audio and the Windows Media Player can display videos recorded with my camera along with audio. Interestingly, there are no problems with these two player programs!

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Re: VideoMeld 1.53 - Cannot open audio in file

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Are you using Windows 7?

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