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glitch effect

Post by OTB »

Is there a way to create the glitch effect in Videomeld?

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Re: glitch effect

Post by 2leftfeet »

You could try this - Open a new Videomeld project with four tracks. Open your file and then split it where you want the glitch.
Select the split half and drag it into the other track or tracks. You can move the split half relative to the first half and you should be able to make a glitch effect like this but you will have to expand the display to be able to make a very small adjustment which is all you need to do. When you have got it to sound right, meld the project into a new (audio or video) file. It might do what you want but maybe you can also try using a very small slice of the original and add it in where you want the glitch. Certainly worth trying anyway. Whatever you do will not damage the original anyway. Hope this helps. OOPS, just remembered to mention that you can link different sections together which is a good idea if you have audio and video file. (edit - link sections).

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Re: glitch effect

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You can use the Copy and Paste video effects in a video section to shift parts of the image around. The latest update includes Colour Shift and Scanline Shift effects as well. You can use a Viewport to limit the effect to just a part of the screen.

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