USB interface?

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USB interface?

Post by swerve13drums »

is anybody using a USB audio interface with mulitquence?

is it detected and selected just like a soundcard input?

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Re: USB interface?

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On Windows 2000/XP (and maybe ME), it is detected like any other audio device or card. On older versions of Windows, it depends on the drivers included with the device. Keep in mind that there is no direct analog connection between the USB device's input and the computer's sound card speaker output. If you are recording through the USB device, you won't be able to hear what you are recording through your speakers unless they are connected to the USB device as well.


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Post by drumming4eva »

I just recently bought an Edirol UA 25 USB audio interface and use it in conjunction with Reason. Reason's ok but a pain having to use the drum computer to use the wav files I create with goldwave as you can't record onto it direct!
I strongly recommend the audio interface though it's prefect for what I want it for.
It has a direct monitor output, very handy and if you set your program/pc audio out through it you can record while listening to what you're adding to without it re-recording what's already there!

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