How do I speed up editing?

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How do I speed up editing?

Post by Rylan »

I am fairly new to Multiquence, and I was wondering if any of the experienced users might be able to provide some advice for how to use the product with less lag.

Currently I am attempting to combine footage of a wedding from three camera angles. Each of the three files is around 1GB in size (this may be the crux of the problem). If I am working at any zoom level that shows the video or audio levels, then almost every click takes at least several minutes to process. What can I do to speed this up?

Unrelated question: How do I change or remove the Multiquence logo from my output video? Is this an artifact of the trial version of the software?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: How do I speed up editing?

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You can use the View | Contents threshold command to set the zoom level at which the video and audio contents are displayed. Setting it to a lower value may help or use View | Show contents to disable it completely.

If you hold the Ctrl key and click in the mouse on the time axis (or drag the edit marker), you can see the current frame in the video window even if the track contents are not shown.

The logo appears in the evaluation version.


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