Pre-purchase question

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Pre-purchase question

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Hi, I am a total newbie to video editing. I don't want to spend a lot of time working with my video files (at least, initially). I just purchased a Flip Video Mino camcorder to record myself playing guitar, with the intention of self-critique and uploading some clips to YouTube.

The files are created in avi format; I want to upload them to my Windows XP (Service Pack 3) PC, and perform some minor editing, i.e., trimming the beginnings and endings; fade in and out; adding captions and titles. I just installed the trial version but can't figure out how to simply trim the beginning and ending of the video clips, then resave them in a shorter time span (approximately 2 minutes, 10 seconds in duration).

I realize I'm being impatient; I read the Help section but would like to know if Multiquence is the right program for this function. Of course, over time I'm sure to become more familiar with its capabilities if I take the plunge and purchase it.


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Re: Pre-purchase question

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You can use the Options | Section command to specify the From and To times to play within the video.

Or you can move the edit marker to the place where you want to trim the beginning of the video section and use Edit | Trim beginning. To trim the end, move the marker to the place where you want to trim and use Edit | Trim end.


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