New to Multiquence...concern about quality of still images

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New to Multiquence...concern about quality of still images

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Hi. I am a new Multiquence user and I have a question about the quality of images. I'm creating a file that contains video, audio, and still images. When I save the project the quality of the images are significantly inferior as compared to the original (jpeg) images. They are very pixelated and unclear. I have tried saving them using both high and low resolutions but with the same results every time. Am I doing something wrong? I consulted the manual but without any success. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: New to Multiquence...concern about quality of still imag

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Digital photographs can have very high resolutions (greater than 3000 pixels by 2000 pixels). When saving as video, the resolution may be only 640 by 480, so some loss of quality is unavoidable.

Also, the encoder settings you select have a major impact on the quality of the video. The default settings tend to give lower quality so that the file size is smaller. Selecting a higher quality percentage or bitrate improves the quality of the video, but the file will be larger.

If you are playing the files in Multiquence and want to see better quality, be sure to select a higher windowed video resolution under Options | Playback.


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