Maintaining aspect ratio

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Maintaining aspect ratio

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Is there any way to maintain the aspect ratio of a source video? I am using some 16:9 material, but the only output choices in resolution don't give me a 16:9 product.

For example, anamorphic widescreen DVD; on the screen it physically takes up 853.33333333 x 480 pixels. And I do know that 16:9 WMV files are 720 x 480 (NOT truly 16:9, but when such files are played back, it is automatically scaled to output a 16:9 aspect ratio.)

But when I input a 16:9 file in MultiQuence, there are no true 16:9 output choices. And the final product (unlike 16:9, 720 x 480 WMV files which are automatically scaled) appears to be squeezed horizontally or vertically depending the the resolution I chose, maintaining the actual (non-16:9) aspect ratio of the chosen resolution.

16:9 is 1.78:1
But 720 x 480 gives me a 1.5:1 output.
and 800 x 480 gives me a 1.67:1 output
and 1024 x 480 give me a 2.13:1 output.

16:9 (1.78:1) is completely passed up. Is there a way around this?

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Re: Maintaining aspect ratio

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Do you mean that you are using some 16:9 material with some 4:3 material and you want the 16:9 material to maintain the correct aspect ratio? If so, then the only way to do that in Multiquence would be to use the video section options (right-click on the section and choose Section Options) to set the Height to 0.562 and auto center it vertically. That will letterbox the video.

If all your video is 16:9, then click the 16:9 button in the upper right corner of the Master Control area.

When saving as video, you can type in any resolution rather than selecting predefined resolutions from the drop down lists.


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