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Misc Questions

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I've just downloaded MQ/installed as a trial and have several questions. But first let me tell you what I'm trying to do. I have several virtual classroom educational session, the application that recorded the sessions will export to a WMV. When recorded the recorder starts sometime before the class actually starts and ends when the class is scheduled to end. Class sessions are 2, 4, or 8 hours in length. When the recorder is running it does not stop until the end of the class. The recordings include a LOT of blank space where the instructor is not speaking (class on break, class working on exercise, recording starts well before the class is scheduled, the class starts late or the class ends before the schedule time). When reviewing the class all of this blank time is really annoying. The actual presentation is a PowerPoint slide presentation with the instructor speaking, thus if the instructor is not speaking it is a blank space. It is my intent to (1) remove the blank spaces (2) split the class recording into chapter sections, thus I might end up with 6 chapter sections for a 4 hour class.

I'm new to MQ thus may have some really dumb questions (please be kind).

I've been testing with my first WMV file
1) When I save the file, it does not default to my source directory - is there a setting for this? I cannot find it?
2) When I saved the file the extension of the saved file is MQ I was expecting WMV - what did I do wrong? What the heck do I do with a MQ file?
3) Is there any way to make the darn preview window larger?
4) Is there any way to advance to a particular section, e.g. I just opened the file and now I want to advance to 3:46:06:343?
5) When attempting to set a mark for the beginning or end of a section I want to remove, is there any way to keep the screen from automatically scrolling? The auto scrolling is driving me nuts.
6) Just above the "track 1" section is a time toolbar - it displays Minutes:Seconds but the time display in the window just to the right of the super little preview window displays the time as Hour:Minutes:Seconds:thousands of seconds. Is there anyway to get a similar setting on the time-toolbar?
7) Is there any way to delete a section from all tracks at the same time? For my use, if the instructor is not speaking then I don't want any part of this section (I only have one audio track and one video track).
8) Is there any way to automatically delete (both the video and audio) if the speaker is silent for more than X seconds? This would really help me delete a LOT of blank spaces that I really don't need.
9) Is there any way to make the height of the audio track higher? Sometimes I want to see the exact spot that the instructor is speaking?
10) Is there any way to filter out noise?

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Re: Misc Questions

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1) Some folders can be set under Options | Folder. The project folder is where projects, video, and audio are saved.
2) Using the File | Save command saves the Multiquence project (MQP). To save as video, you'll need to use the File | Save as video command.
3) You can use the three buttons on the top right edge of the Master Control window. The right-most button creates a separate preview window that is much larger. You can control the resolution of that window under Options | Playback "Windowed video resolution".
4) You can move the edit marker to that time with Edit | Set marker or click on the time line.
5) If you use View | All, then the view won't scroll.
6) The time line always shows minutes, but if you put the mouse over the time line, then hours are shown in the status bar. If you click on the time line, hours are shown in the elapsed time area and the marker is moved there.
7) After splitting sections, you can right-click-and-drag to select an area of sections, then delete them. Or you can hold down the Ctrl key to select sections cumulatively.
8) Sorry, there is no automatic way to do that.
9) You can use View | Size | Large.
10) You can use the Equalizer filter or open the audio track in GoldWave and use the Noise Reduction filter effect, then add that file back to the project to replace the original audio section.

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