audio channel crossover

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audio channel crossover

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Does anyone understand why encoding stereo tracks (i.e., different audio sent to the left and right speakers) with a video are put into both audio channels when the compiled tracks are played back using windows media player? (the multiquence file is 1 video and 2 audio tracks). This separation/crossover problem is confusing, as winamp and real player play the movies with the correct separation of channels. This occurs whether I compile the tracks into an avi or wmv file. I've tried all of the encoders listed and they all fail in one form or another (that is, when failure is measured by whether windows media player plays it in stereo). Unfortunately I have to use w.m.p. to view the movies. The setting of the tracks is correct (left and right output).


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Re: audio channel crossover

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Try playing a stereo audio file (not created by Multiquence) in Windows Media Player to make sure it is working correctly. If not, make sure you do not have any audio effects (plug-ins or enhancements) enabled in Windows Media Player. They should be under the View menu item.


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