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church service edit assistance

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Each week I edit the church service to reduce the time down to our radio broadcast time. Is it possible to tag certain segments in the recording to determine the total time selected before you begin to delete parts out. In other words if I could select the sermon portion because I know that will be included and then select songs etc to add to that selection until I get to the magical number for our broadcast. Is this possible if so how? or a silly question?

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Rather than deleting any sections...just use the "SPLIT" tool to cut the beginning and end of the section you want to retain. Then just drag out that whole section into its own track to easily see how long it is, etc.

With this method, there's never any need to delete any sections (as you described). You just simply cut out different sections one-at-a-time and place them accordingly to other tracks until you reach your target length.


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