Multiquence and Divx

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Multiquence and Divx

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Hi, I'm trying MQ to make a divx video and I'm having some troubles:

1. Divx source luminosity
One of the sources is a lot dark. When I see it on WMPlayer I see it more bright, when I see it on DivxPlayer7 it's dark as on MQ. Playing with DivxPlayer7 options I've seen that changing luminosity and contrast I can achieve the same good visibility as on WMP. I assume WMP automatically adjust these settings on the decoder for optimal view.
I found the same settings on the "decoder settings" of my divx installation menu. I thought they would reflect the decoding of MQ, but it did not.
Trying with the same parameters on the section options, the result is not good as on divx decoder settings.
Is there any way I can influence the way MQ will run the DivX decoder to achieve a better result on that source?

2. Divx encoding not working
I tried reinstalling DivX7, and the encoder is there.
I trie saving the video as avi, then select DivX encoder, but I get an error from DirectX and it aborts.
The only format I can get is Microsoft Video...a very bad result...
What to I have to do to encode with divx encoder?

Thanx for any help.

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Re: Multiquence and Divx

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The video sections options in Multiquence are the only way to adjust the brightness/contrast for the video itself. Multiquence does not have a gamma or luminosity setting (yet).

You may need to select certain resolutions when saving (such as 640 by 480, etc). Try different combinations of resolutions to see if that helps.


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