Sound stutters in Ver 2.55 - also in final

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Sound stutters in Ver 2.55 - also in final

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When editing a wmv file, partway through playing, the sound stops & starts for about three seconds. This is repeatable. It ends up this way in the final generated wmv file. After this point in the generated file, the sound sync is way off - by seconds.
All I am doing is simple fade in/fade out with an opening section deleted in video and audio, plus an initial image faded out at the beginning. No one else seems to have this problem. The source wmv file is perfectly fine with correct sync.

NOTE: When the stutter first occurs, the visual audio track becomes a straight line, no audio apparent from that point on, even though the sound starts up again.

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Re: Sound stutters in Ver 2.55 - also in final

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Sometimes there are problems starting at a specific time within a variable bitrate file. If you trimmed an opening section from the beginning of the file, starting at the new point within the file would trigger the problem. If playback starts from the very beginning, then that is less of a problem.

You may need to convert the full WMV audio track to a Wave file, then add that in place of the WMV audio section. Starting at a specific time always works for Wave files, so you can trim the opening section on that file.


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