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Fade Graph Question

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Maybe I missed this answer on the forum, but my question is pretty simple...

I have a piece of music at a certain volume (to keep it simple, let's say the volume is set to 100% with the slider bar on the left.)

Now I know that pulling the fader all the way to the bottom is pretty much silence (or fade to black for video). My question is, is the median line (the middle between the green and red in the graph) full volume - the default volume? So, if I pull the fade line into the green all the way to the top of the graph, am I going above 100% volume? Or is 0% to 100% volume simply from the bottom to the top of the graph? I was just wondering what the green and red signify.

On a related question, if I have audio that is very low and set the volume to above 100% (say 104%) am I clipping frequencies or is the % just relative to whatever decibel level the volume happens to be at. If it does clip, when would you ever use +100% volume?

Thanks for a great product! I had to mix an audio production for our radio show (it involved music, narration and sound effects.) Cut my time in half and allowed me to really experiment with the perfect timing and control over all the audio elements.

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Re: Fade Graph Question

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Most volume changes are relative. So 100% means no change. The line at 1.0 also means no change. Points above the line increase the volume and points below decrease the volume. A relative change of 104% doesn't cause clipping if the volume is currently low.

Auto Gain, Maximize Volume, and Match Volume use absolute levels. The volume is set to the specified level. Clipping will occur if the volume is set above 100%.

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