Uploading Video - Editing The Video - Burning The Video

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Uploading Video - Editing The Video - Burning The Video

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I have DirecTV and a Tivo system (Digital Recorder). I read on some hacker's website that there is a way to connect the Tivo to my PC and drag & drop the recorded files from my Tivo. The thing about that is that the file extensions will be .Tivo, and that pretty much gives me the assumption that Multiquence, nor pretty much any other program, will be able to read it. Correct me if I'm wrong, and I hope I am. If Multiquence cannot read this file type, it's ok, because I think there is a way to convert the file to something else.

Assuming I upload the files to my PC and am able to convert them, what should I convert them to? My objective is to extract the footage from my Tivo, edit the footage with Multiquence, and then burn the footage to a DVD-R for myself, and I want the quality to be EXTREMELY high, and I don't want to have to deal with problems while watching the DVD-R, such as skipping, or reading errors or whatever else you can think of.

So with that, what file type should I convert the .Tivo to? Keep in mind that I need this file to be fully functional with Multiquence, it must be fully capable of being burned without glitches, and must retain its quality.

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If the highest possible quality is important to you, then I would recommend you convert the files to uncompressed AVI. Beware that uncompressed AVI files are extremely large in size. But since Hard Drives today are also very large (and affordable), then this is becoming less of an issue really (I just bought a 400gb hard drive for less than what I paid for my very first 40gb Hard Drive!).

Multiquence wil have no problems with uncompressed AVI files.

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