Compressed audio format when exporting video

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Compressed audio format when exporting video

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i'm trying this great program that is "Multiquence", but i've a question: why multiquence, when i want to create a video (File-->save as video) can save the audio track only in an uncompressed format at 8 or 16 bit, and not, for example, in an Mp3 file format or others? Some program existing in the web, which can convert viedo formats, all allow the compressed audio formats. If mp3 would be allowed the resulting file would be more little in multiquence... (Xcuse me my english...) :oops:

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Re: Compressed audio format when exporting video

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For technical reasons, Multiquence does not support compressed audio in AVI files. If file size is a concern, try saving in WMV, MOV, or MPEG format instead. In most cases those formats will give better quality and compression than the AVI format.


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