GoldWave v5.07 Released

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GoldWave v5.07 Released

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GoldWave v5.07 is now available. The download will be available only to licensed users initially to reduce server load.

New features and changes include:
  • - Implemented Redo edit command.
    - Added simple Undo history (right-click on Undo button).
    - Added ability to undo cue point changes.
    - Added import/export buttons to save cues in a .cue file.
    - Added auto import/export cue file option under Storage options.
    - Added ability to use cue point names for filenames when splitting.
    - Added track number prefix setting to CD Reader.
    - Implemented CD Reader support for non-administrator users.
    - Added a way to reset clip indicators by clicking mouse on them.
    - Added more properties to Waveform and X-Y Graph visuals.
    - Added peak hold needle to Analog Meter visual.
    - Added tool bar buttons for Resample and Playback Rate.
    - Updated DirectX Wrapper plug-in to sort effects in menu.
    - Updated Ogg Vorbis plug-in to 1.0.1.
    - Added support for custom attributes in file format plug-ins.
    - Added configuration page for custom MP3 attributes (VBR).
    - Several bugs fixed.

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