Forum related request.

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Forum related request.

Post by Garrett »

Hey, could I talk you guys into installing the previous PHPbb forum theme? I have a hard time detecting new posts/replies on the main forum page with this newer theme. The orange lines in the icons are just too hard for me to distinguish.

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Re: Forum related request.

Post by DewDude420 »

This is the default PHPbb theme. The entire installation was updated from the old it's likely not possible.

I have absolutely no problem seeing the difference between the blue "read" icons and red "new" icons. If they look orange, you might check your monitor/video settings, something could be amiss that's causing the difficulty.

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Re: Forum related request.

Post by GoldWave Inc. »

There is a "View new posts" link near the top of the forum index that will list all new posts since you last logged in.


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