can Gold Wave on IOS expose microphone settings for recording?

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can Gold Wave on IOS expose microphone settings for recording?

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I'm very familiar with Gold Wave on Windows, but I have only used the Gold Wave IOS app a little bit. It does look nice, though, so I hope to use it in the future!

But I have a few suggestions for recording:
First, I've noticed that when using an IPhone, Gold Wave switches the speaker to the earpiece when recording. For Voice Over users in particular, this is quite inconvenient; it does reduce the amount of speech bleedthrough in recordings, but it makes it impossible to hear Voice Over in a noisy environment, so perhaps this could be changed or added as a setting?

I was also wondering if more options could be added to the recording settings on IOS. As a serious audio hobbyist, I like having full control of microphone settings, and I have found recording on IOS frustrating. I can tell the microphones sound really good for my purposes, but most apps don't expose any of the available microphone settings. I've probably tried at least 30 apps now, and only 2 or 3 exposed something interesting.

For instance, it is possible to change which internal microphone is used for recording, and to turn on or off the IOS audio processing on the microphone (most apps leave it on, resulting in sound which has boosted bass and compression which I really don't like). In addition, stereo recording is possible on newer devices, and the Apple developer documentation says that there are even multiple stereo orientations, but no app seems to take advantage of that. Apps which do support stereo recording seem to just give you an on/off setting for it, and the default stereo microphone processing is even more aggressive than mono... so I have no idea what the real sound quality of stereo recording is.

So I was wondering if there was any interest in exposing all available microphone settings in Gold Wave. After all, Gold Wave is well-suited to a diverse selection of audio tasks, so I don't think having those settings would feel out of place.

Honestly, I'm not sure how hard exposing them would be. I don't know if most apps don't do it because they're not deemed necessary, or if it is actually difficult to expose them in the first place.

So, any thoughts?
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Re: can Gold Wave on IOS expose microphone settings for recording?

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We'll look into that in a future update. iOS provides very limited and complicated controls for the microphone (though maybe that has changed with recent updates to iOS).
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